End Exploitation Action Center

About End Exploitation Action Center

No organization or corporation should profit from, or contribute to, sexual exploitation. While many feel powerless against a culture awash in hyper-sexualized and degrading messages, we do not. We are leading a movement against sexual exploitation and we are strategic, aggressive, and gaining momentum.

Since 2011, National Center on Sexual Exploitation has instigated nearly 100 policy improvements in corporations and government entities.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation stands up to represent your values of human dignity and respect in the arena of private and public policy.

While it's impossible to ever fully capture the number of children, women, men, and marriages impacted by our victories it is clear that many have been seismic. These numbers just scratch the surface of NCOSE’s impact.

1.2 million hotel guests will no longer have on-demand pornographic movies on their hotel TVs because NCOSE convinced 5 worldwide hotel chains to reject profits from on-demand pornography.

73% of child sex trafficking cases investigated by law enforcement will no longer be openly facilitated by Backpage.com, the largest mainstream sex trafficking website in the world. After years of advocacy led by NCOSE, survivors, and others, Backpage and many similar websites are completely shut down!

2,083,100 military service members now receive anti-sex trafficking training with the issue of pornography explained as a factor driving demand, and approximately 600 U.S. Air Force and Army Bases now no longer sell pornography in their base exchanges.

270 billion online ads each month delivered by Revcontent, one of the largest native online advertising companies, will no longer bombard 97% of U.S. households with hyper-sexualized and objectifying advertisements.

2 billion monthly active devices subscribing to Google Play are no longer able to download pornographic and sexually explicit apps through Google’s sanctioned online store.

300 million monthly active users on Snapchat can now finally report sexually explicit snaps and opt-out of hypersexualized publisher’s stories.

5,000 Walmart stores no longer sell Cosmopolitan Magazine in their checkout lines in the United States and Walmart stopped selling child nudity books on their website. Many other retail giants are following suit as Amazon removed hundreds of child sex dolls from their online marketplace and Rite Aid, Food Lion and others have moved to place Cosmo behind blinders.

10 states have passed NCOSE’s formal resolution recognizing pornography as a public health concern.

1,000,000+ Comcast customers will now have the ability to block our porn titles and their xFI customers will have the ability to filter porn from websites at the WiFi level

These are only a few examples of how the National Center on Sexual Exploitation changes culture.

You can participate and invest in this movement by joining with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to expose the connections between all forms of sexual exploitation and to change public opinion through grassroots advocacy in order to advance human dignity one victory at a time.

All contributions are tax-deductible and will go right into the fight.